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Winchester Area Newcomers Club

Winchester Area Newcomers Club By-Laws


Section 1: The name of the club shall be Winchester Area Newcomers Club (WANC).

Section 2: The Club was organized for the pleasure, recreation and/or social activities for its members and to promote good fellowship. The club is available to anyone new to the area or who has had a recent life-changing event.

Section 3: This club has a social, non-profit status and is tax-exempt determined by the Internal Revenue Code under section 501(c)(7) and as such abided by the Internal Revenue Service. Dues and contributions are not deductible by donors.



Section 1: Membership is open to all women newcomers living in the Winchester area or women having lifestyle changes such as retirement. A prospective member may attend two club functions as a guest. If a member in good standing moves from the immediate area, membership may be retained by continuing to pay dues, provided there is no break in membership. Activities are open to family members by invitation only.

Section 2: Membership will not discriminate based on age, religion, race, color or national origin.

Section 3: Club members may not use the WANC membership directory information to promote personal information or agenda and may not solicit at WANC club activities, meetings, by mail or email.


Section 1: The amount and payment schedule for dues shall be set by the WANC Executive Board. WANC membership shall run from January through December. Any dues paid on or after November 1, will be deemed applicable to the following membership year.

Section 2: Members whose dues are delinquent after March 1st of each calendar year, shall not be eligible to continue participation in any Newcomer activity or function. Delinquent members shall be dropped from the WANC directory.

Section 3: The financial (tax) year for the club shall run from January 1 to December 31.

Section 4: Any WANC member, who registers for an activity requiring non-refundable advanced reservations and who does not cancel within the prescribed time, shall owe the registration amount to the WANC Treasurer.

Section 5: Upon dissolution of this club, all remaining assets will be distributed to one or more recognized United States charities as approved by a majority of members at the time.

Section 6: The club shall be supported by membership fees and dues.

Section 7: All funds are to benefit the membership, as a whole, and not a single member of group of members disproportionately. No member may be paid for services, either by direct payment or indirect payment, such as a reduction in membership fees or dues.



Section 1: The purpose of the WANC Executive Board is to conduct the business of the club. The Board shall have the power to operate the business of the club in a prudent and careful manner in accordance with the purpose of the club. The WANC Executive Board shall nominate and the WANC membership shall elect the next Executive Board. Positions shall be President, Vice-President, membership Chairperson, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Chairperson, Activity Chairperson and Hospitality Chairperson. Two nonvoting member participants, a WANC Website Liaison and a WANC Facilities Coordinator, shall be appointed at their discretion, by the WANC Executive Board.

Section 2: Additional nonvoting members may be appointed at any time, if deemed necessary by the WANC Executive Board.

Section 3: Terms of office shall be one year. A WANC Executive Board member may serve in the same position for two full terms. If a candidate cannot be found by the nominating committee, either by accepting volunteers or nominations from the WANC membership base, the Executive Board may approve an addition one-year term.

Section 4: The President may replace or appoint a WANC Executive Board member with the Executive Board's vote of approval, should a need arise to complete a one-year term.

Section 5: The WANC Executive Board shall meet as necessary, in order to coordinate activities of the club. All members holding a position on the WANC Executive Board are expected to make every attempt to attend all Board meetings.

Section 6: Unless a quorum (one-half + one) of the voting WANC Executive Board are present at a meeting, no business shall be conducted until such time as a quorum of the Board's voting members are present.

Section 7: The President may accept proxy votes from voting WANC Executive Board members either by mail or e-mail.

Section 8: The WANC Executive Board shall identify categories of authorized disbursements to be made by the WANC Treasurer.



Section 1: The members of any activity group must be members in good standing of the Winchester Area Newcomers Club.

Section 2: All activity groups are self-supporting, but the WANC Executive Board can use club funds to schedule events to promote fellowship.



Section 1: The WANC annual meeting shall be held in January when new officers shall be installed.

Section 2: There shall be a nominating committee appointed by the WANC President to prepare a slate of Board officers with a minimum of one name for each WANC Executive Board position. The slate shall be presented by the WANC Executive Board to the WANC membership base in October and the election shall be held in November



Section 1: The WANC Constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds margin of the WANC members attending the ratification meeting. The proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the WANC membership at least one month prior to the time that the vote is taken.

Revised: November 28, 2018